About TripleLights

Who can join TripleLights as a guide?
Japan Tourism Law Revision will be effective beginnning January 2018. Start from January 2018, anyone without a national license can also be a tour guide.

Anyone can join as a guide with TripleLights! Free registeration!

How to become a TripleLights guide?
Complete your registeration form with your ideas and show us your passion through a 3 minute self-introduction video. Let us know more about you, what your future plan is in Japan and what type of tour you want to bring to tourists. All of our applicants will undergo a screening process by TripleLights. Having a visa permitting stays up to 6 months or longer is preferable.

What should I prepare for the self-introduction video?
Please prepare a 3 minute self-introduction video to tell us who you are, why you want to be a guide and what types of tours you plan to offer. Give us an example of your tour itinerary! It can be a day tour or a cultural experience. It's all up to you! You can also check guide videos on TripleLights before you start. This video will be an important part for us to evaluate your application.

How long does it take to set up and start to sell?
Once we accept your application, you can start to create a profile with your availability schedule and hourly rate. Customers will able to contact you with their request from then on. Easy!

What is TripleLights?
Founded in 2013, TripleLights is dedicated to offering tours of Japan and activities to travelers from all over the world. We are one of the best-selling tour marketplaces in Japan, with years of experience in providing tour guide services. Our current customers comes from over 115 countries.

About Payment

Do I need to pay any fee to join as a guide?
There is no initial fee or monthly fee for you to join as a guide. TripleLights only charges a handling fee once the booking is paid and confirmed by customer and guide.

How do I get paid from oversea customers?
Bookings will be paid in full by the customer in advance. Payments will be summed up and the handling fee will automatically be deducted by our system. Payment will transfer through your assigned Japan bank account at the end of next month after the tour date.

About How To Use

How do I create tours for customers?
Click create tour and fill in the general information, upload pictures and set your price and details and then confirm. Our support team will help to check and approve it for you.

What kind of tours that I can provide to my customers?
You can create tours from classic sightseeing tour, cultural experience to exclusive tour created by you for example “foodie experience with Tokyo insider” or “Nightlife in Tokyo”. All tours will go through approval process by TripleLights before publish.

Is it difficult to use the system?
Our system is user friendly. You don’t need any special technique to start. Also, our support team is always here for you.


What if customer no-shows or last-minute cancels?
TripleLights has Cancellation Policy for these situations. There will be a cancellation charge based on the situation. To prevent no-shows or any misunderstandings, we highly recommend that our guides ask for customer’s contact information after booking confirmed.